Veterinary Hospital
Meet Our Patients!
We love and care deeply for all of them. We strive to treat every patient as though it was one of our own. 
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Marley looks pretty stylish in his goggles. He was undergoing a brief laser therapy procedure. His glasses protect his eyes just like the glasses that the staff wears. Looks like he'd rather be napping instead of hanging out with us.
Marley and Ellie are two cuddle bugs that came in for their annual exams and vaccinations. They were so cute we could not help but have them strike a pose for the camera.

Sammi comes in for regular laser treatments for her arthritis. She looks like a rock star in her protective goggles!
When Elsie first came to us, she was less than a pound and had a severe eye infection. With treatments and lots of love, she now is thriving (even though she only has one eye)!
Lulu is a bundle of adorable energy but she was a little nervous when first getting up on the exam table. But, once she remembered us, she was back to her goofy self. 
Pepper dropped by for a pedicure before her mom finished bathing her. She didn't like having her paws touched but she loved all the treats that came afterward.
Oscar and Pearl came in for their first veterinary visit after being adopted less that 24 hours earlier. They both were incredibly sweet and we can't wait to watch them grow up.